Microneedling for acne scars

Microneedling at Home: Navigating the DIY Trend


Introduction Microneedling for acne scars, a cosmetic procedure utilizing fine needles for skin rejuvenation has sparked a growing trend in at-home treatments. While the DIY approach may seem appealing, it comes with its own set

Behind the Scenes: Mickael Mosse’s Leadership at My NEO Group


Introduction Leadership is often defined by actions taken behind closed doors—decisions made, strategies devised, and a vision meticulously executed. Mickael Mosse, at the helm of My NEO Group, embodies this type of leadership. This article


Achieving Natural Rejuvenation: The Appeal of Biostimulators


In the pursuit of youthful and vibrant skin, the appeal of biostimulators continues to grow. Unlike traditional fillers, which offer instant but temporary results, biostimulators take a different path, promising gradual enhancements in skin quality