Retained Search: Your Ultimate Weapon for Building a Winning Team


Are you tired of spending endless hours sifting through resumes, conducting countless interviews, and still not finding the right candidates for your team? Look no further than retained search services. retained search is a strategic approach to recruiting that can help you build a winning team with top talent in an efficient and effective manner.

What is Retained Search?

Retained search is a specialized recruiting service where companies partner with a recruiting firm to fill key positions within their organization. Unlike contingency recruiting, where multiple agencies are engaged to find candidates and only the one who successfully fills the position receives a fee, retained search firms work exclusively for their clients on a retained basis. This means that they are fully committed to finding the best candidates for the job, no matter how long it takes.

Why Choose Retained Search?

Retained search offers several advantages over traditional recruiting methods. Firstly, retained search firms have access to a vast network of top talent that may not be actively looking for a new job but are open to new opportunities. This means that you have access to a pool of candidates that you wouldn’t find through traditional job postings or networking events.

Secondly, retained search firms take the time to fully understand your company culture, values, and specific requirements for the role. This ensures that they only present candidates who are not only qualified on paper but also fit in seamlessly with your organization.

Lastly, retained search firms provide a higher level of service and dedication to their clients. Because they are working exclusively for you on a retained basis, they are highly motivated to find the right candidate for the job. This level of commitment often leads to faster and more successful placements.

How Retained Search Works

When you engage a retained search firm, the process typically begins with a discovery meeting where the recruiting team learns more about your company, the role you are looking to fill, and your specific requirements. From there, the firm will conduct a thorough search for qualified candidates, utilizing their network, databases, and industry connections.

Once a potential candidate is identified, the recruiting firm will conduct in-depth interviews, reference checks, and skills assessments to ensure that they are a good fit for the role and your organization. They will then present a shortlist of candidates for you to interview, providing feedback and guidance throughout the entire process.


In conclusion, retained search is your ultimate weapon for building a winning team. By partnering with a retained search firm, you can access top talent, save time and resources, and ensure that you are making the best hire for your organization. If you are looking to take your recruiting efforts to the next level, consider the unparalleled legal recruiting services offered by Gibson Arnold & Associates. They are your gateway to top law firms hiring exceptional legal professionals.


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