Skins Golf Game Rules


10 short-game rules that every golfer should follow

In the world of golf, there are various formats and games that players can enjoy. One popular game among golf enthusiasts is the Skins golf game. Skins is a competitive format that adds an element of excitement and strategy to the game. In this article, we will delve into the rules of Skins golf and explore how this game can spice up your golfing experience.

Understanding the Skins Golf Game

What is Skins Golf?

Skins golf is a game format where each hole is worth a certain value or “skin.” The objective is to win the skin for each hole. At the end of the round, the player with the most skins is declared the winner. Skins can be played in various group sizes, from two players up to a larger group.

Determining the Skin Value

Before starting the game, players agree on the value of each skin. Typically, a fixed dollar amount is assigned to each skin, but players can also decide to assign points or use other forms of value. It’s essential to establish the skin value before the game begins to avoid any confusion or disputes later on.

Playing Skins Golf

Scoring and Winning Skins

To win a skin, a player must have the lowest score on a hole. If two or more players tie for the lowest score, the skin carries over to the next hole, making it more valuable. This continues until a player wins a hole outright. The player who wins the hole claims the skin, regardless of their performance on previous holes.

Carrying Over Skins

In Skins golf, a skin can carry over multiple holes if there is a tie. When a hole is tied, the value of the skin carries over to the next hole, creating a cumulative reward for winning the subsequent hole. This adds an extra level of excitement and tension to the game, as a single hole can become significantly more valuable.


Hammer golf is a thrilling and competitive game format that golfers of all skill levels can enjoy. By understanding the rules of Skins golf, players can strategize and aim to win as many skins as possible. Remember to establish the skin value before the game starts and embrace the excitement of carrying over skins. So gather your golfing buddies, hit the course, and experience the exhilaration of Skins golf!

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